Master LED MR16 ExpertColor

 PHILIPS 12V MASTER LED MR16 ExpertColor 7.2-50W is the lastest in Philips' series of LowVoltage (12VAC) Halogen MR16 replacements. Not only does it brings a warm spectrum which reaches that of a Halogen MR16 lamp, it also has a deep-dimming functionality that takes ambience to a new level.

  • Simulate halogen light, make special light spectrum to close halogen light, more cozy light than other LED lamp 

  • Lifetime of 40,000 hours

  • UV- and IR-free light

  • Retrofits in vas majority of GU5.3

  • 85% Energy Saving compare to standard MR16 lamps

MAS LED MR16 ExpertColor 7.2-50W 927 10D